🐝Buzz Over to Palm Beach Farmers’ Market!



You can celebrate World Bee Day at Palm Beach Farmers’ Market from 18-26 May to raise awareness of the important role bees play in food production.


The main purpose of World Bee Day is to spread understanding of the significance of bees and other pollinators for our survival. World Bee Day is an excellent opportunity to put bees at the centre of the national conversation for a day and encourage actions that create more bee-friendly landscapes.


Beekeepers and nature conservationists are united in encouraging improved conditions for bees to build pollination security and to safeguard our food security.

Every individual can contribute to the preservation of bees and other pollinators:

  • Plant nectar-bearing flowers for decorative purposes on balconies, terraces, and gardens.
  • Buy only Australian made honey and hive products
  • Raise awareness among children and adolescents on the importance of bees and express your support for beekeepers.
  • Set up a pollinator farm or ‘bee hotel” on your balcony, terrace, or garden; you can either make it yourself or buy one from selected gardening stores.
  • Mow your lawn or nature strip in the evening when bees are no longer foraging.
  • Encourage mixed species lawns and nature strips that include clover and other flowers and allow them to flower before mowing.
  • Substitute your grass-based lawns or nature strips with food producing plants that feed bees and people.
  • Support our farmers using sustainable methods of agriculture which is healthier for us and for  soil, water, biodiversity and the climate.


So please treat our little friends with the wonder and awe they deserve. Come and taste (and feel) the difference of real honey from local bees. Honey from his bees at Jim’s Busy Bee, FB Jims Busy Bee.  


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