Eggs are the biggest symbol of Easter, but have you ever wondered why? Historically, the egg represented the resurrection of Jesus and is a symbol of new life. Many cultures decorate eggs at Easter.

Some cultures, such as Greeks, dye them red and then crack them with family on East Sunday. Others decorate their eggs, with Germans making beautiful, colourful creations and hanging them on trees.

So, if youโ€™re wanting to get into the Easter egg spirit, then head to the Market for your local organic and free range egg supply.

Whatever you plan to do over Easter, whether itโ€™s a roast dinner with family or simply sharing hot cross buns and coffee with friends, enjoying great food together always makes Easter memorable.

Thanks from all of us. Until next time…..

Cheers,from Coralie & Michelle at Market HQ, and Angela, Peter, Garry, Adam & Lopez at the market.

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