Join the excitement! Savor Medicinal Chef’s hot soup and discover fresh produce

All the vegetables are available for you from our fresh and/or organic fruits and vegetables vendors to use in Medicinal Chef’s recipe for a delicious steamy-hot soup.

Cauliflower, sage, leek and potato soup

1 – cauliflower

3 – leeks

2 – potatoes

6 – sage leaves

6 – cups of vegetable stock

4 – tablespoons olive oil

4 – tablespoons nutritional yeast


Cut up cauliflower and leeks.

Toss olive oil over, and bake in 180 degree oven for 20 min or just until roasted.

In a large pot add vegetable stock, peeled and diced potatoes and bring to a simmer.

Add roasted vegetables to stock and cook on low until all vegetables are soft.

Add sage leaves and nutritional yeast.

Using a stick blender blend to desired consistency.

Check seasoning and adjust

This is a perfect soup as is….but to turn a family soup into an adult soup, before serving add a teaspoon of @medicinalchef chimmichurry.  Available this Saturday at Medicinal Chef’s stand.

Serve with a sourdough baguette @breadsocial.  Also always available at Medicinal Chef’s stand.

Want to taste the delicious cooked soup – come to @palmbeachfarmers market Saturday morning for a free tasting, @medicinalchef stand.

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