Market Mates

We’re Proud to share our journey with you.  We’re growing greener every day.


Since March 2020 it has been interesting and gratifying to see how you, as a community of farmers’ markets shoppers, have adapted to this time of dramatic change.  It shows just how resilient and resourceful we are.

We’re becoming healthier and more adventurous in our cookingWhile the slow cooking movement continues, we’re also becoming increasingly adventurous in our buying habits.

We’ve also noticed that customers are much more interested in the health of their family and friends with sales of organics, biodynamics, probiotic kefir, kimchi, nut mylks, activated nuts, etc. growing in leaps and bounds.

We’ve changed jams, which for us is no small thing.

Breakfast is a daily comfort food ritual for lots of us.  Think scrambled organic eggs with a dusting of salt and a piece of sourdough from one of our bakers, toasted, with Nimbin Valley Dairy’s butter from Northern Rivers Providore, melted….and jam.

After years of enjoying the same French brand of jam, the cloistering of life in lockdowns has forced a rethink.

As the pandemic grinds on, it will continue to mess with supply chains and, by extension, with our very identity.   The things we relied on will no longer be there, for a short time, or forever.   These might be things that used to define us.

It’s no surprise then, that as consumers, we have begun to more closely examine the ‘where’ in what we buy.
As we try and help Australia’s innovators and highly motivated entrepreneurs start and sustain their businesses, we have seen that the damage from this pandemic is very real even when now the eastern states are starting to come out of lockdown.

We are continually asking everyone to support our locals, and why not?
It will be up to us, more and more to determine how the final stages of the pandemic play out for local businesses.

We don’t personally know the makers of the imported jams we used to enjoy on our sourdough toast and crumpets.   HOWEVER ….. we do know the new jam we’re now enjoying.   It’s about the same price as the imported one.   But it’s better and we know we’re supporting our local artisan producers.

We bought all four flavours from Tallogum Berries; Blueberry, Blueberry with Lemon Myrtle, Blueberry with Davidson Plum and Blueberry with Kaffir Lime lovingly produced by Northern Rivers Artisan Foods…and they’re all delicious.


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