Australia has the most expensive bottled water on the planet, but that hasn’t curbed our thirst for something we can basically get for free.

Australians are also paying almost double what it costs in North America and Europe, and about four times what is charged in Asia and Africa.

So, why are we willing to pay dearly for a product that dwarfs the cost of tap water, which Sydney Water says comes in at well under 1¢ a litre?

Why continue to buy a product that generates vast streams of waste that are derived from fossil fuels and are recycled a limited number of times?

Clean Up Australia chair Pip Kiernan says Australians must remember 90 per cent of the cost of a bottle of water can be traced back to the bottle, the lid and the label.

You can save all that money by remembering to bring your reusable bottle, drinking from the school’s chilled water bubblers behind Bio Organic Farms and Teck Enterprise stalls or filling up your reusable bottles at the water stations.    Just think we can be saving the planet one mouthful at a time!!

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