Stallholder Spotlight: The Romano Baker

He is the baker, she is the pastry chef. He loves sweets, she loves carbs. He doesn’t like going to the gym, she is a yoga teacher and a personal trainer too. Eating is his favourite sport, being upside down and handstanding is hers. They may be two different personalities, but the Romano Baker team share one common passion, which has brought to life a unique business offering authentic Italian food to the Gold Coast.

Visiting Dario and Martina’s beautiful market stall is like taking a tasting tour of Italy through its food culture. From the Roman wine ciambelline biscuits, supplì (arancini balls) and street food pizza to the Tuscan cantucci (almond cookies), Neapolitan babà, Sicilian cannoli and the famous tiramisu, everything is meticulously produced by hand with the best Italian ingredients on the market in order to give Australians an unforgettable and authentic experience.

Since childhood, Dario has always enjoyed playing with flour, experimenting in his messy kitchen, fascinated by the science and mechanisms behind the art of bread and pizza making. His infinite love for flour has led him not only to turn his passion into his job, but also to constantly research the best natural methods, techniques and ingredients for creating the perfect product. ‘Quality makes the difference,’ is his motto.

After graduating as a pizza chef in 2013, Dario worked for some of the most renowned pizzerias in Rome before completing a Master Baker course at the prestigious Italian School of Culinary Arts (Cast Alimenti). Under the guidance of internationally renowned bakers, Dario has developed his own unique style – a perfect blend between Italian rustic tradition and modern innovation, which has been the key to his success.

When it comes to Martina, the thing that stands out immediately upon meeting her is her infinite enthusiasm for life, which becomes infectious to everyone around her. The always smiling Martina started her career as a pastry chef at a late age, after first completing a Bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpreting, which took her around the world as an interpreter. Despite her love for travelling, she soon realised that the habit of walking into patisseries and taking in all the sights and smells of this decadent world was the sign she needed for a lifestyle change.

Obsessed with the idea of becoming a pastry chef, Martina graduated from one of the best academies in Italy, Boscolo Etoile Academy, and started working in 4 and 5 star hotels across Europe, learning new techniques and developing her own style. After completing her Master Course in Extended Decoration Techniques at The Squires Kitchen International School of Baking and Cake Decorating in the UK, she was invited to Australia to work as the Pastry Chef at a major international venue in the centre of Melbourne. “Life is short, and it’s up to you to make it sweet!” is Martina’s first rule!

While we may not be able to travel far at the moment, The Romano Baker products are one of the best ways to enjoy an authentic Italian food adventure. Find Dario and Martina every Saturday at Palm Beach Farmers’ Market and every Sunday at Miami Farmers’ Market at Miami High School Volleyball Courts.

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