Stallholder Spotlight – Medicinal Chef

Stephanie has a new product for you!!! It’s a game changer

It’s her 2 sourdough stuffings , not only will they make your Christmas turkey taste amazing, but you can also use them in chicken, in fish or a crust for fish or vegetables.

There are 2 flavours:

Traditional stuffing, using thyme, sage, rosemary, plus the use of walnuts, dried onion, lemon rind, and parsley.

lemon Myrtle, the Australiana flavour. This includes parsley, macadamia nuts, parsley, red onion, and dried apple.

Just add melted butter to mixture and stuff whatever you like.

No more stodgy stuffing. Your friends, family, neighbours and strangers will want the stuffing not the turkey! #stephhartmedicinalchef @medicinalchef

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